Friday, September 7, 2007

You Ever Washed a Cell Phone?

Yep. I did it again. I washed a phone that was stuck in a pair of jeans! What is the point of saving money if I'm going to have to spend it on new cell phones? Well, I stumbled across something amazing--a way to save a newly laundered phone! Print this message and post in on an inside cabinet in your laundry room because acting quickly is the key to saving that $150+ phone!
1. Don't push any buttons or try to use the phone at all.
2. Remove the battery right away and gently pat the phone and battery dry with a soft towel.
3. Get some rice in a plastic container and put the phone and battery (still separated) completely submerged in the rice. The rice absorbs the moisture from the phone and battery.
4. Leave in rice for 48 hours--without disturbing it.
5. Remove from rice and try it out!

Obviously this is not a guarantee of any kind, it depends on how badly the phone was washed and how quickly you get it on rice!

Until later,

Ellie Kay
"America's Family Financial Expert" (R)