Thursday, October 16, 2008

Random House AudioBooks & The New York Times

I don't get sick often, but two days after I posted my last blog I got kicked into bed for FIVE DAYS! I had chills, fever, a migraine--it was so bad I couldn't take my kids to/from school. Bob, who was out of town flying, called my girlfriends, Lina and Audrey, who helped in the pinch. Once every couple of years, I get that sick. I even had to have Bob drive me down to Los Angeles on Sun night to be in place to record my audiobook on Monday morning. I was set to do the reading.

Miraculously, by 6:00 PM on Sun, I started feeling better. Even though I was as weak as a kitten, I managed to get through the first day's worth of taping. Jessica, my producer, was fabulous--she made me sound young and skinny! She also told me I was wearing "quiet clothes" when I arrived at the studio--knits that don't make sounds. She said she had one famous producer arrive in a Safari suit. Once he had taken off most of the suit, he announced, "I'm not taking anything else off!"

On the second day of taping, I went down to the Hilton gift shop and got a copy of the New York Times and who was featured in the Business day but yours truly? There's been a flurry of major media since it hit and it's been busy for this weak kitten, just coming back.

One of the other fun things I learned at the audio book taping was when Jessica, a producer-and-attorney-and-single-mom, turned me on to . This is a site like Craig's list, but more inclusive, and better monitored (to keep whack jobs out). When I got home, I played around on the site and found coupons for free Lattes at Barnes and Noble. I picked up the boys from school and we all had a free drink thanks to FatWallet.
Now I'm off on travels---again.

Ellie Kay

America's Family Financial Expert (R)