Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Money Matters Before You Marry - ABC News!

It's time, once again, for you to win a copy of my book, "The Little Book of Big Savings." If your question is selected by the producers when I'm on ABC News Now this coming Friday, October 9th, then we'll send you a free autographed copy!

The topic is: Money Matters Before you Marry

Deadline for questions: Noon on Thursday, Oct 8th

If you are married, what question do you wish you could have asked Ellie about money matters before you got hitched? If you are not yet married, what are your questions for Ellie? Maybe you have a son or daughter who is engaged, what questions would you like to ask on their behalf?

Submit all questions to ellie's blog at www.elliekay.com and/or send a copy of the question to: assistant@elliekay.com

See you on TV!
Ellie Kay
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Jen@BigBinder said...

My husband and I rarely fought about money when we first got married - because we didn't have any! There wasn't anything to fight about. We kind of breezed over the financial counseling part of our marriage preparation classes, but we wish we had put some 'big picture' goals together earlier on. We both had ideas of how we would live differently when we started living on a bigger income - but they weren't the same ideas and we hadn't talked about it, so it took us quite a while to work it out.

Good Money said...

do you recommend a pre-numptial agreement, or is a verbal understanding good enough?

C said...

My question to you for use on the ABC show that I wish I had asked my husband before we married is, "Do you have any debt? What kind of debts and what is the amount of the debts? How are you planning to pay them off?"



Sandiego24 said...

We have been married for almost 9 years. We have struggled financially since before we met. If I had been able to ask a question before marriage it would have been, how can we both pay off what we owe, pay for a wedding, and still have the simple things in life before and after we got married?