Wednesday, October 21, 2009

When Two Incomes Become One - WIN A BOOK!

Here is another chance for you to win a copy of Ellie's newest book, The Little Book of Big Savings (Waterbrook, 2009) by having Ellie answer your question on ABC News Now.

Do You Fear Unemployment?
Are you a two income family, that is suddenly down to one income?
Are you afraid your company's cutbacks might include your job as well?

If so, then we want to hear from you! What question(s) would you like to ask Ellie about your situation?

The producer(s) of ABC News Now will select the questions for Ellie to answer on the "Good Money" show to air on October 27, 2009.

Please email your questions to: or posted it on today's blog (below).

The deadline for your questions is: Monday, noon PST, October 26, 2009

Remember the ABCs of past prize winning questions:

  • Accuracy- Questions that accurately fit the show's theme for the day are most relevant. This week's theme is "When Two Incomes Become One."
  • Brevity - If it takes two minutes to ask the question, then it won't be selected. A question that can fit into a 10 to 15 second soundbite is ideal.
  • Clarity - The world of TV news revolves around questions asked in a way that is easily understood by viewers.

We look forward to hearing from YOU as you join Ellie on ABC News!


Rachel M said...

When suddenly down to one income how can we get our children to understand NEEDS Vs. WANTS?

djones said...

How does a family of two income earners now adjust to living off of one salary with two pre-teen children?

Ashleigh said...

My household's income was reduced to on in January and in March I was on unemployment. What are my options for help with bills, mortgage, groceries, gas, car, etc., if any?

Dell J. (loves business) said...

My company is talking of downsizing. What should I do to prepare for a possible job loss.

Tabitha said...

I was a stay at home Mom, homeschooling three children. My husband lost his job, our insurance and we took a beating when we cashed out his 401K. What do we do now?