Wednesday, January 9, 2008

A Great Time to Save on Groceries!

Well, he did it again! Jonathan, our second to the youngest, went to the store with me and used his own coupons to buy some protein bars, healthy snacks and drinks for his "Matheletes" competition this week. He used several "savings factors" and his bill started out at $14.30, but he only paid $2.13.

The first thing he did was to buy items on sale, the second savings factor was to use a store coupon, then he combined a manufacturer's coupons and we went to a double coupon store. That's FOUR savings factors for this fourteen year-old. If he can do it, YOU CAN,TOO!

An average family of four, eating carefully, with an annual income of $46,000 will spend $136 a week. Because the cost of food is on the rise, this average family will see a 4% increase in 2008, or an annual food cost of $7354. However, there IS a way to cut these costs dramatically, just as Jonathan did.

Another way to save involves a great new site that calls "The Google of Grocery Savings" is . They list specials from over 250 retail chains, 750 versions of flyers and approximately 25,000 weekly advertised specials. You can join for free, they offer nutritional information on 100,000 grocery products, and there's even a "coupon gallery."

As with any site I mention, please do your own research and remember to set up a "junk mail" account for registrations. You can also select whether you want to recieve additional information or not (which will help with junk mail).

If the average family I mentioned earlier only saves 30% on their grocery bill in 2008, that's over $2200 that they could use to pay down debt, go on a vacation, or pay for their kids college!

You Can Save Great in 2008!